How to change the background color of a PDF file on Adobe Reader


I suppose most of the readers here also use Adobe Reader to open PDF files so I decided to write this post.

Ever encountered that time when your eyes strain due to that obnoxious white background when reading a file? Yes I’m referring to those Light Novels and E-Books that you obtained from the internet and nope, it doesn’t matter if you downloaded it illegally or bought it with daddy’s cash. Heck why am I even asking, of course everyone encountered that common white background in almost all of the pdf files that we opened.

Good news. I found out a way to change the background color as well as the text color. The steps are written below and I just wanna inform everyone that the tutorial may deem unnecessarily detailed for some anons out there. Welp, just click HERE if any of you is too lazy to read. Err… yep, i’m referring to you.

  1. Obviously, we open Adobe Reader either by clicking the shortcut or opening a pdf file.
  2. Click “Edit”. A menu would appear then click “Preferences”. Also accessible by pressing “CTRL + K” on your keyboard.
  3. Focus on the section enclosed by an orange rectangle. Make sure that the “Replace Document Colors” check box is enabled. Make sure to mark the other check boxes as well if they aren’t. Once every check boxes are marked, focus on the section inside the red rectangle.
  4. Focus on the section enclosed by an orange rectangle, particularly on where it says “Page Background”. Clicking the white colored box enclosed by the red rectangle would make the color menu pop out. Change that color to any color that you want. I recommend black for the background.
  5. Once again, we focus on that section enclosed by the orange rectangle, but this time we focus on where it says “Document Text”. This time, we change the color of the text itself. The default color is black so we have to change it or else it may not blend well into the color of the background. I recommend white or light blue if the background is black or gray.
  6. Just make sure your settings are all good and press ‘OK”
  7. The final product would end up like the pic above.

    Or like these, depending on your preferences. Once you saved these settings, the appearance would be pretty much the same every time you open a PDF file. Let’s test it on another E-Book novel that I read nowadays, which is The Martian.

    So…I guess it’s safe to say that it works.


  1. Open Adobe Reader
  2. Click Edit > Preferences (or CTRL+K)
  3. Tick all boxes in the “Document Color Options”
  4. Click the radio button indicating “Custom Color”
  5. Set the color for ‘Page Background” as well as the “Document text”
  6. Save your settings by clicking “OK”
  7. ???
  8. Place you credit card details below
    Place a comment regarding the way you’ll donate.

So that’s it for my short yet vague tutorial. Since I featured “picture of the day” on my other tutorials (if they are worth to be called one), I feel like featuring it here as well.

This time, I dove through the pools of in order to find high quality CGs of Oregairu. Apparently, the thought came through me after featuring its LN as an example. Was thinking of featuring Yui but then I came across with the pic of Yukinoshita above.

According to the caption, the artwork is done by Coffee Kizoku, who is one of my favourite pixiv artist. I have to admit, I didn’t recognize his work right away. Judging from the pic, this may have came from one of his artbooks. It looks like a scan if you ask me. Nevertheless, this photo deserves to be a wallpaper or a lock screen photo. Too bad there’s a border but I guess that can be cropped with an editing tool.

IMO, Coffee Kizoku’s artwork involving black haired girls are <3.

Welp, I'll be ending this post by spouting unnecessary bullcrap that may get this whole tutorial classified as shitpost right here. I have another tutorial in mind but I’ll save it for later and would post that when the internet connection is unstable to the point i abandon my game as soon as I find free time. As of now, I would either watch Re: Hamatora, play Persona 4 Golden or examine Nendoroid Taiho . Heck, those 3 had their own reasons to be prioritized. I had 2 episodes left for Re:Hamatora and it’s been on my queue for almost a month. For P4G ,I’m currently in the middle of the boss segment on Naoto’s route while I had Nendoroid Taiho for more than a week, yet a photo of the unboxing (which never happened yet) is non-existent.

So I guess that’s it. I have to find time for those three so for the mean time, I have to say goodbye.

Till then, bibi and gtfo.

EDIT: Watched Re:Hamatora after finishing my little speech. Ending was one of the best that I saw. Too bad there won’t be any season 3 or even a third cour. Welp, I have Fw: Hamatora on my MEGA account so I’m hoping that the wiki is correct regarding their article saying that it has English/Japanese audio and subtitles. As for P4G, finally done that route. I guess I’m getting closer to the end, considering that Naoto’s the last person to be added to the investigation team.


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