Mandarake Haul Unboxing

So I guess it’s been a while huh.

A lot has been going on so I wasn’t able to post new content. I do have some materials to write about but I just literally didn’t have the time. A semester has passed since I last posted and I actually had a week to relax. However, I didn’t. Unfortunately, it’s not just schoolwork that’s occupying my schedule now to the point I can’t even play KanColle regularly and prepare for the upcoming Summer event. Perhaps I would explain the reason in the future as my explanation may consist of more than one paragraph.

Heck I was supposed to study earlier for my upcoming test but I just got tired of doing schoolwork for more than a week straight. Working hard and barely getting any good result is really demotivating yet certain happy go lucky people barely works hard and pass the semester. This shit that happens in my college pisses me off. It demotivates people and lower their morale.

Ah, there goes my rant. I apologize mate I just can’t help venting out my frustration. I know shit happens but if shit like this still happens for more than a year then I might as well get the fuck out of that shithole.

I need to get back to the topic huh. OK, I’ll start.

Anyway, I made this video around the 3rd week of April 2017 and posted it on YouTube around the 30th of April 2017. The reason I made this video is because I want to try making unboxing and review videos of my orders. Fortunately the results were not bad…I guess?? I had to learn how to use [Sony] Vegas to make the video and I got the hang of it so I thought I can make more videos in the future 😀

The road on processing this video wasn’t so smooth though. I actually wasn’t supposed to be able to upload a 60fps unboxing video as Vegas was acting weird when I try to render on 60fps. Thankfully, my friend/coworker came to help and we actually had to make the presets on his PC with the help of TeamViewer and move the files to my folder to make it work. It is a common problem so I may write about the solution over here. Some noise may be heard as I had to balance the left and right audio and I apologize for that. I think I would have to use a microphone for the next video.

That’s right, there’s an upcoming video. However, it’s stuck on the taping process and I may have to re-shoot some scenes. Hopefully I can do that as soon as possible.

I’ll end this post right here. You can watch the video in YouTube but I took my time to have it embed in this post. You’re welcome.

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