Blog Status: Still Active

“So… hello dear readers. It’s been a while huh?”

Or so I’d like to say but I don’t want to be friendly with a bunch of losers and virgins readers on the internet and I’m not good on starting a conversation or a topic with potential unemployed shut-ins readers here as well, so I’ll just write what is on my mind right now as well as my upcoming plans for this blog.

So let’s get started.

For starters, this post is just a report on the..err..status of this blog. Just in case someone doesn’t know, I only get to write here a few times in a year such as this time due to studies and other irl hindrances on my supposed to be hikkikomori life. The semester ended around 2 weeks ago a few months ago by the time I write this post so I have had free time till…err…tomorrow where another semester will begin to take over my life again TuT but then I sort of got lazy and forgot I had a post till a certain virgin friend reminded me. As a result, this post remained on my queue.

Literally my reaction on my lesson nowadays…fuck calculus rly

Ever since the shitstorm semester started, I rarely had free time and you can thank my subjects, especially calculus for that. I kept hearing memes mentioning that Sir Isaac Newton died a virgin (liek the translator of Kami Translation) and I would be glad if ever that information turns out to be true >:D

Thankfully I was not this frail

One minor reason why this post was delayed was because I am not feeling well these days.

I always had difficulty on breathing whenever I inhale those dark fumes, dust and whenever I feel hot and sweaty (Gross? Man up and deal with it.). However, these past few weeks felt different. I feel like something is blocking the airways connected to my lungs making it even more difficult for me to inhale and the problem is that this occurs almost if not everyday. I almost got rushed to the hospital one time since I can hardly breathe at that time. Fortunately, my breathing became normal a few minutes before we got out of the door. We went to the doctor a few days later for a check-up and they gave the necessary medications where other laboratory tests followed.

Sadly, that feeling occurred again last week and I got rushed to the emergency room. I miraculously felt better by the time we arrived to the hospital. Nevertheless, I was given another set of medication and they indicated that I had “Allergic Rhinitis” or something along those lines. Basically I’m allergic to some particles in the air and whatnot. Can’t really comprehend the handwriting of the doctor but oh well, I’m thankful that I can still troll and tease virgins and losers online that i’m alive and somehow..err..well?

Got disappointed in the end eh? Deal with it.

Despite all of my predicament, I would still do my best to keep this blog active. As long as I can shitpost, then this blog would remain “active”.

I guess I got off track so I’ll talk about my future plans and I’ll prepare a short list on that.

    1. Chrome Themes: The picture above is just one of the chrome theme that I made. As I mentioned before, I will upload it here for some anons to download but unfortunately, I have yet to solve the issue regarding the picture fitting any PC’s resolution. I had tested it with different PC’s and different resolutions as well so I know how fugly they may look unless they zoom in and out every time the user clicks “new tab” which would not be practical. Hence, I decided not to release the themes till I find a better way for them to fit on any resolution or perhaps when I really can’t find a way.

      Tutorials: Welp, Just announcing that I will stick to the plan on posting some tutorials. I have quite a few in mind and I figured it may be useful for the weeaboo and virgin online community as well so I’ll stick to the plan if ever I had the time to post or even remember.

      Recruiting a new member: Lately, I realized that I haven’t been able to keep this blog active then it struck me. If I can’t post much, why not recruit another member? Perhaps he or she can specialize into any of the category here.

      Oh well it remains as a plan. I have a few people in mind as well since I knew they have all the time in their hand so maybe I’ll discuss it with those guys and see what happens :D.

      Header photo update: Last but not the least, I will definitely change the header photo. The photo above has been sitting in my download folder for a very long time but I kept forgetting to change the header in here. So…yep, will change the header photo by today.

  • What do you know? I ran out of crap to write for today.

    Let’s make it quick and proceed to “picture of the day” segment.

    I think this is the first time I featured a vertical image on this segment.

    To some curious anons, that’s Japanese Destroyer Kamikaze <3. She's a reward on KanColle Spring Event 2016, particularly on E-3. Unfortunately, I didn't get her as E-2 was a fucking RNG BITCH.

    That traditional Japanese attire and that damn ribbon <3.
    That's what made me like her. I'm thinking of changing my phone's wallpaper to this pic above <3.

    Welp, I'll look for a few more times before I go to bed. Just click this button if you
    wanna do it as well <3.

    Err… I still have morning classes tomorrow so I'll end it right here.


    Ok i'll end it this time for the sake of closing this post.
    Till then, fuck off virgins and happy wanking bibi^^


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