KanColle Calendar 2018 Download

Hello bitches, guess who’s back? To those asking if the featured photo is from the 2018 KanColle calendar, nope. Credit goes to the artist. Also, most, if not all scans of KanColle calendar’s orientation is vertical so using it as the featured image would be out of the question.

OR I just liked featuring photos that are not part of the calendars? Who knows right?

Welp, let’s get down to business. As usual, I’m rushing to write this post as soon as I found this gem on the internet. Yep, I wasn’t the one who uploaded the scans and most of all, not the person who illustrated these. Once again, credit goes where credit is due.

Oh, and if anyone’s asking about links on where to buy this calendar, I don’t have any as I have no idea which sites have it in stock. I checked about every jap site I knew and unfortunately, all are out of stock.

An advice to those planning to buy KanColle calendars in the future; Pre-order it once you see that pre-orders have opened because after that, most if not all orders would be closed. Or at least that’s what I have observed.

Umm….I’m running out of shitpost material so let’s get down to it.

So as usual, the scans could be viewed below and the compiled+uploaded scans are on a hosting site. This time, the original format is in JPEG so I didn’t bother resizing the images below. Welp, if you’re planning to download it, scroll way down below and click the download link to get it in bulk.

OR make your life less miserable by clicking here to save time on scrolling.

| Download KanColle Calendar 2018 via MEGA |

[Some sort of an Error happened? Leave a comment below.]

To those frowning upon my lack of icon on the download link, deal with it. Either you make me one or stfu. I’m bz af so pls grow the fuck up.

….and I’m running out of shitposting material AGAIN. Yay, so this would proably be the shortest post I ever made? Congrats to me and you’re welcome.

In that case, I’ll end the post right here as I also need to watch and finish Eromanga-sensei by tonight. I’m already done with 10 episodes so 2 episodes left.

Perhaps I’ll shitpost write my thoughts on it? Pretty sure the whole post would be about my beautiful elf. 11/10 best grill/my waifu would be featured ❤

Welp, I shitposted again there would be no photo of the day segment as this post is categorized in “Downloads” so I’ll end this without that segment.

Till my next post, bibi ^^/

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