About: Partners

If you don’t know what the partners tab is then you came to the right place.

The “partners” tab, aka “Blogroll” on other sites is a place where links redirecting to other sites are shown. This allows bloggers to share their sites on other blogs. One blogger shares a fellow blogger’s site and vice versa.

I only use firefox for testing purposes so no tabs for porn opened here.

As you could see, This blog also employs that feature.


I haven’t thought of placing a blogroll here but Kami Translation‘s founder and a friend of mine asked for ways to get more visitors so as a fellow member of that terrorist translation group, I suggested that I’ll feature our page in this blog. He agreed and even said that he’ll feature mine as well even though I mentioned that it won’t be necessary.

Well, after featuring his page, he featured mine in a few days and of course, I got an idea…in fact, it came a little late. So there, a blogroll or as I call it, “Partners” tab.

So there you have it. Just want to let everyone know that I have that feature as well. If you want to feature your page then feel free to leave a comment in this page along with an email address or something I can use to get in touch with. I’ll respond as soon as I can.

Instructions would be provided as well. I may post a tutorial in the future.

I said it doesn’t have to be the same size right?

Oh and please prepare an image with the same ratio as the image displayed above. The dimension or resolution can be anything but please for the love of Madoka provide one with a good quality ><