Kantoku Calendar 2017 Download

So…it’s been a while huh? I’ll get straight to the point as I have a lot of things to do this holiday.
No need to worry as this blog will get a considerable piece of action.

To those asking what anime was featured on the image above, it’s title is “Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko“.

It would be unnecessary to explain what this post is about as the title itself is self explanatory. Is the featured image from the 2017 calendar as well? Nope. Are these my scans? My Illustrations? Nope and definitely nope so credit goes to the people who worked on it. I admit I did plan on buying this calendar online but then multiple nendoroid pre-orders happened AND KanColle happened to have a calendar as well so I had a bit of a dilemma. In the end, no decision was made.

I was thinking that perhaps I’ll buy one of these or both once I see all of the scans of KanColle’s 2017 calendar. It may appear costly since I may order them separately because the sites don’t have either of the products. OR I may end up not ordering ANY of them. Add the fact that I recently went to a convention and watched that masterpiece Kimi no Na wa in the theater three times which ripped my wallet off. Take note that I bought a desktop calendar when I attended the con, so there are chances that I may NOT order any of them.

Heck my nendoroid pre-orders are already ripping my wallet so I may choose the last option. If I did end up choosing that then I’m grateful to the anon who uploaded the scans of this calendar πŸ˜€

Fortunately, this calendar was uploaded recently when my exams took off so this was posted as early as possible. Even if there’s a week delay then you bitches still have to be grateful since I uploaded this before the year ends. You can download these on image hosting sites but it has to be downloaded one by one. Quite an annoying process if you ask me.

So I took the liberty to have this compiled and uploaded on a file hosting site. You’re welcome.

The images below are the files that was compressed and uploaded on a hosting site. However, the images below are on a JPEG format and resized as the source quality is too heavy (around 30+ MB each) so I suggest to just click the link below to download it in bulk. If you feel like you have read everything then just click here to be redirected to the bottom where the download link is located.

| Download Kantoku Calendar 2017 via MEGA |

[Some sort of an Error happened? Leave a comment below.]

>Almost 2017
>Still don’t have a proper download icon

Welp, please someone just fucking remind me.

As always, Kantoku’s art is a masterpiece and the calendars are no exception. Given that you have extra budget, this thing is worth dying buying for. Some of the images may just be re-used but it does not change the fact that this thing’s worth buying for.

To those wondering, you can get it at J-List. Take note that I’m not even paid to advertise them but I order calendars from jlist so I can at least recommend them. At the time of this writing, it can’t be searched so it’s safe to assume that they got out of stock. I was about to suggest to get them from AmiAmi but then it’s out of stock as well.

So just google it, or wait for them to re-stock. I remember ordering the 2015 calendar from J-List in February 2015 and they were still in stock back then so it’s safe to say that these sites will re-stock them soon.

I heard that KanColle 2017 calendar got released recently and some of the previews are already shown on social media as well as the websites which sells them. By any chance I get my hands on their scans, I’ll make a post for it.

To those wondering where it can be bought, you can buy it here (AmiAmi) or here (CDJapan). At the time of this writing, AmiAmi’s orders are closed for this product and CDJapan has 7 in stock so better grab them before they run out of stock. Even if they do, there are chances that may re-stock. Hopefully they will re-stock ToT.

Once again, I was never paid to advertise them and the reason why I featured their site is because those are the only sites where I know I could obtain them at a very low price. Don’t forget the thank-you cards from AmiAmi. They’re worth to be collected πŸ˜€

At this point, I ran out of something to write in this post. This post was meant to be as short as possible so I’ll end it here. Many post waiting to be written so ending here would be appropriate enough. Once again, this post won’t feature that picture-of-the-day segment as this is categorized as a download post. Besides, I need to watch Kill la Kill so I can go to bed before 4am.

So till my next post, bibi bitches ^^
Oh, and happy holidays. Enjoy it while you still can πŸ˜€

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