Yet Another Year III

Welp, it’s been a while. Some may noticed that this blog has been way too inactive. Things have happened. While some changed, some still stayed the same.

Meanwhile, this is our third obligatory new year’s post. To start things off, let me just greet everyone.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Let’s start off the year by getting drunk and banging our ungrateful exes with a BANG!! (if that ever made sense)

TBH I was supposed to write and publish this post as early as the 4th of January. However, I got out of town 2 days before the year ended and got back on the 4th. I land traveled but it didn’t take long for me to arrive to my condo but by the time I arrived, I already had a flu and I assume I got it around the 1st or 2nd of January although I continued my daily routine/activities, knowing that I may have it. By the 5th of January, I realized my flu has worsened but thankfully, my immune system is taking care of it along with some meds I took so I felt better day by day. I still don’t feel as good at the time I was writing this but at least I’m in condition to perform normal tasks.

Even doe it may seem that I got stressed out while on vacation, I would say it’s not a bad experience. I got reunited with my loved ones, met new people and had an excuse to get out and experience a new environment. The latter was important as I started feeling down around the 3rd week of December (till now? The feeling still lingers but not as much). It’s quite a long story but I’ll explain what happened on the obligatory 14th of Feb post soon 😉

Oh, and being out of town doesn’t mean I missed out on the alcohol on new year’s eve. I had like 3 bottles of 500mL extra-strong beer (8% alc. content?). Not whiskey or vodka but getting drunk wasn’t my goal as I would like to chill back then. Heck, my relatives were surprised that I drink and “didn’t get drunk” after I was done with the first bottle(they didn’t know I drink). Welp, after the third, I stopped and drove back as I was sure I could do it and sure enough, I did it. Thankfully, the car didn’t get scratched or something as it wasn’t mine. Tbh, I already felt like I had a headache back then but I don’t consider myself drunk. It worsened a bit by the time I arrived at the place we’re staying at but I could still perform normal tasks. I was even texting, doe I guess it can be considered drunk texting. Thankfully, I haven’t sent any stupid text to any woman although shit that happened on the group chats are a different story. I don’t want to talk about it.

With that, I apologize for delaying writing this post (and shitposting about my life).
Shit happens, so let’s just accept it eh?

Now that I’m done shitposting with my half-assed apologetic letter, let me jot down my so called new year’s resolution.

…Now that I think about it, I don’t have any. Other than the need to resume watching anime as I haven’t done so for 8 fucking months. I believe the last anime I watched was Kantai Collection: KanColle as KanColle Movie that time was about to be released in local cinemas so I watched the anime in order to understand the movie. Welp, I fulfilled my resolution just now when I started watching Eromanga-sensei.

I only watched the first two episodes and for some reason, the first episode didn’t caught my interest but the second episode made me want to continue watching it. I think I would love it. Cutesy fappable boner-inducing lolis with attitudes you won’t find in the real world. Damn I never knew I would miss this world.

Other than resuming watching anime, I may need to resume playing KanColle soon as I stopped around halfway through my college’s term and barely touched it ever since, even when the fall 2017 event rolled in. Now, my resources are abundant and I could even try to LSC Yamato six times but with my luck, I’ll end up with another useless ship. Besides, why do I keep buying KanColle merch if I don’t even play the game?

Oh, speaking of the devil, I do have another resolution. and that is to UNBOX MY ORDERED FIGURES!!!

Remember my obligatory new year’s post from last year? Specifically the part where I mentioned I was going to unbox them? Welp, that did happen to only one out of five Nendoroids in that post as I needed to open her for a photo opportunity during the 2017’s Valentine’s day. I ordered more figures despite the fact I haven’t unboxed four of my Nendoroids but most ended up sitting in their boxes. Some were unboxed only due to the fact that they needed to appear in YouTube videos.


I really needed to get my life sorted out, eh?

Oh well, I just realized everything has been a mess and I needed to start by going to bed early as my college classes would start tomorrow. I’ve been rushing to write this post for a couple of days and I needed it to be posted ASAP as I intended to post more content in this blog. I believe Kantoku Calendar 2018 scans are already surfacing online so I would need to make a post about that soon.

Let’s end this post with photo of the day.

I believe this is the first time I used a screenshot in our photo of the day segment. I literally HNNNGGGEEDDDD when Elf Yamada sensei did this. I am pretty sure I would love her character soon if I’m not already in love with her ❤

With that, I'll end it right here before the sun comes out. I have thick dark curtains to not let the light and heat in (saves electricity for the air conditioner) but for some reason, I have difficulty going to sleep knowing the sun's up.

So till the next post, bibi and pls get a life this 2018^^


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