Kantoku Calendar 2018 Download

If you guys remembered in my previous post, I mentioned that Kantoku Calendar 2018’s scans were released online and I was going to post about it.

Welp, here I am, writing this post a few hours after I published my previous post. Pathetic right?
Doesn’t matter. A man keeps his word so I would continue tp be a slave to the white man working on this post.

Once again, if anyone’s asking if the scans are mine or if I even own the illustrations, nope. Credit goes where credit is due. And nope, the featured image is not from the 2018 calendar. However, if I recall correctly, that image was featured in Kantoku’s 2016 calendar.

One thing I noticed about this year’s Kantoku calendar is that it’s orientation is portrait, just like Kantoku’s 2015 calendar. Tbh, I would prefer its orientation to be on landscape but portrait isn’t so bad. I have the 2015 calendar and its orientation is in portrait yet it’s still a beauty. The clarity is just….HNGGGGGG ❤

I also noticed some of the art in past calendars were used again. Tbh I don't really see this as a problem as most of Kantoku's art (if not all) are stunning. Unfortunately, once again, I had failed to buy any "otaku-ish" wall calendar this time. Blame my pre-orders again as well as my spending for necessary stuff ToT. Also, I already bought an eromanga-sensei desktop calendar 😀

Don't get me wrong though, this calendar is still available for purchase on some sites. I checked JList just now and they have it in stock. Click here if you want to think about purchasing it. Atm, it costs 25 USD. Seriously, don’t make the same mistake as I did. Just go get it.

Btw, I’m not sponsored by JList. Oh how I wish they do sponsor me.

As usual the scans could be viewed below and compiled+uploaded scans are on a hosting site. However, the scans below are resized on JPEG format as the actual PNG scans are quite heavy so if you’re planning to download it, scroll way down below and click the download link to..err…download it in bulk?

OR click here to save time on scrolling.

| Download Kantoku Calendar 2018 via MEGA |

[Some sort of an Error happened? Leave a comment below.]

Yep, I still don’t have a decent icon for download links. At this point, I doubt I would ever create one, given my busy sched all year-round.

Once again, this product can be bought from JList. I would reiterate it once again. I am not sponsored by the mentioned site. I only wish they would.

At this point, I have exhausted my energy on writing this post. I guess that’s a good thing so I won’t be able to shitpost. My exhaustion is worth celebrating eh? You’re welcome.

I also won’t bother including a photo of the day segment as I already included a lot in this post plus this post is categorized in “Downloads” so nope, better wait for the next post (most likely the obligatory valentine’s day post) to see that segment. I’ll end this post without it.

So till my next post, bibi^^


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