An Obligatory Valentine’s Day Post

I seriously need to come up with a specific name for all of my obligatory posts, especially one for this event. If you guys are following every Valentine’s Day posts in this blog every damn year, you’ll know what i’m talking about.

Yes, I’m referring to YOU damn stalker(s). Seriously, get a fucking life instead of reading this bullshit.

I assume everyone knows the drill so I won’t bother explaining what this post is about. By any chance a newbie is reading this, please click this link. I assume that should explain a LOT. That is, if you even bothered reading them.

So yeah, Valentine’s Day. The day people should be celebrating “love” or somewhere along those lines. In most cases, it’s more like lust.

There I said it.

Perhaps my last statement may not always appear true?
I mean, horny individuals who can’t control their urge (just like you bitches can’t control your urges to watch those disgusting porn videos on the internet and stroke yourselves) have access to love hotels 24/7 so them celebrating their “love” ONLY the 14th may not appear as true as what we (or you virgins) may think.

TLDR: The Valentine’s Day is not always a day for sex.


There goes my damn mouth runnin’ non stop. If you don’t get what I wrote, then don’t bother reading my little speech for the second time. If it does not make sense, then it won’t make sense. So how and where should I start again?

Ah, right. Talk about how the 14th went for me.

Err… My day went normal I guess?

Alright alright. I’ll provide a proper answer. I sure hope you bitches are ready for it.

As you all know, I mentioned that I have attended college last year, with me being older than my batch mates. I did mention that I wasn’t planning to go for any of my batch mates but it turned out my plan was foiled by yours truly πŸ˜€

I do have valid reasons that should be able to justify my action. Halfway through 2016, I realized that I am closer to my batch mates than those of older batches. I also found out that older batches go for freshmen/lower year ladies anyway.

To summarize, underaged female batch mates were added to my list πŸ˜€

However, they were just added on my list. To be honest, they were at the bottom of the list that is provided below.

    1. Same age/Older students(20+) outside the institution
    2. Same age/Older(20+) working ladies
    3. Same age/Older(20+) students inside the institution
    4. Younger students(16~19 years old) inside the institution

So back to our topic. How did it went?

Well, it went a bit better than 2014 and 2015. I went out, bought 2 packs of that 16 pieces Ferrero Rocher as a gift. One for *ehem* and one to be taken home to be eaten by me and Shigure :3. Dinner was awesome as well as the…

I’ll stop talking about what went on the night and leave it to your imaginations. Too much information is not good for the brain.

To those unfortunate plebs who do not have the balls to ask a girl out “don’t have time for girls, once again here’s some recommendations to spend the 14th .

Since I got nothing to add, let’s initiate our “photo of the day” segment.

At the time of this writing, I’m tired AF and don’t really have the energy to search for a vanilla H-Manga. Most of them are on my external hard drive and as I mentioned, i’m tired AF so I won’t even bother getting it just to find some sweet H manga.

No worries though as I still have some on my internal hard drive. There’s a catch though.

The genre of the H-Manga that is featured below is NTR as opposed to the usual sweet vanilla H’s. However, I can assure you that the NTR in this one is mild.

More importantly, NO RAPE WAS INVOLVED as opposed to most NTR hentais out there. I admit that I was and I still am against NTR. Although this time, it’s quite different. I could even say that this particular H-Manga is an exception as I can’t really feel the NTR aura in it. Probably because it does not involve rape?

Welp, the link’s below. You’re fucking welcome.

| Download “Uwakigokoro” via MEGA [NSFW] |

Once again, credits go to the people who worked on this manga.

By any chance something is wrong with the link, kindly report it by commenting below.

Last but not the least…. The “DUREX” Update!!!

Well, good news everyone. I had managed to find my lovely Durex Pleasuremax around 10 months ago πŸ˜€
I was not sure of what happened but it started popping out everywhere ever since I found it on a certain pharmacy.

In DUREX we trust!!

So…yep, back to using them πŸ˜€

Have I mentioned that I am tired AF?
I just cleared E-1N for the winter event in KanColle and just got Kashima. My day keeps getting better and better but really. I’m tired AF.
I’ll stop here for real as I have an early class tomorrow.

Enjoy your unproductive evening and g’nite ^^


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