Yet Another Year II

Welp, this is another obligatory new year post. So to all of the losers, leechers and readers of this blog;

Happy New Year!! Let’s welcome 2017 with salts and tears from all and your upcoming misery open arms.

Just to make it clear, this is just the second “Yet Another Year” post of mine. I admit this is the third year that I made a new year’s greeting but the post last year was not called “Yet Another Year”. The reason is because it was posted weeks after the 1st of January. In this case, it’s still somewhat close to the 1st so I’ll be considering this as an obligatory New Year’s post.

So let me recall on how I usually write these obligatory posts. Ahem.

I used to spout nonsense like those of new year’s resolution bullcrap future plans for this blog as well as my reasons of me being inactive. This time, it will be different.

You ask why?

Welp… That is because I am running out of materials to write about asides from tutorials. I can also write reviews and recent news but that would consume so much of my time.

TLDR: No materials + Time = Inactivity

Basically, those are the reasons why I have not been with my word regarding the plans I had before with my time being in jeopardy. I think I do have the materials to write a review especially with my Nendoroids but as I mentioned, time is a
B-I-T-C-H. Unboxing and taking photos take time to accomplish. Heck I even have five of them waiting to be unboxed. Not to mention that I have not found a proper place for them despite some arriving a few months ago.

Anyways, I’m just rushing to write this post as I have some tasks to accomplish before I go to sleep. Particularly play KanColle and CSGO before I torture myself
I get back to my masochistic life in college.

Since I got nothing to write about, I’ll discuss some of my future plans with this blog. It won’t be much so here it goes.

As I said, I have these five Nendoroids waiting to be unboxed so I’m planning to unbox them in one go and perhaps write a post about them. I admit that it may take time so there are chances that I’ll unbox them one by one, starting from the box(es) which arrived first (in this case, Re-class and Ryuujo, Shoukaku and Zuikaku then Shigure) and write a separate review for each of them, given that I remember this so called “promise” as well as if I can keep myself from being too kind about the review.

Wut? They’re ALL adorable mate.

Welp, that’s all for my new plans. I’ll still continue writing posts for downloads, tutorials and blogs provided that I have the material as well as the time. Once again, I do not guarantee that I would be blogging regularly as I don’t always have the time. I do guarantee that I would try my best to be active and keep this blog alive. Heck I even feel that the KanColle 2017 Calendar scans would be uploaded soon so once it’s out, I’ll make a post asap.

Since I have nothing else to talk about, let’s proceed to our “photo of the day” segment.

To those wondering, that’s Akebono, a destroyer in KanColle. As this is a new year’s post, I felt that it’s appropriate to choose this artwork for this segment.


So that ends this post. I have to get some good night sleep to prepare for a hectic Monday tomorrow. I HATE Monday mornings mostly because of the “extended” rush hour. Every time I think about that, I feel like I want to stop college and just head abroad to work. At least I would get paid for wasting my time.

Err… I ran my mouth again ugh -_-

Welp, I’ll end it here before the sun comes up.

Till then, get the fuck out bibi^^


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