KanColle 2016 Calendar Download

Featured Image

If some anon out there is wondering if the image above is included in the calendar, then let me disappoint somebody. Nope, it was not included in the latest calendar. I just happened to use this image in order to have a decent featured image.

Oh, and credit goes to the owner. The original non edited (not the source) version lies here.

Well, this post is regarding Kantai Collection’s 2016 Calendar, which was available for order a long time ago. I actually forgot to order it as well as Kantoku’s 2016 calendar due to laziness and other irl obstacles ToT. Luckily, some kind anon (may the odds have mercy on you) uploaded KanColle’s 2016 calendar on the internet. I have yet to find Kantoku’s 2016 calendar but at least I already found KanColle’s 😀

So… now what?

Err… would I bother publishing such shit tier awesome post if all it includes is a section of a weeaboo’s diary bragging that he found some weeaboo trash on the internet amirite?

I posted this so that a bunch of other weebs who doesn’t even know how to browse image pools would be able to have the files being mentioned as well. I took the liberty on downloading the high quality images, compile them, upload it on OneDrive and even publish a post including its link.

Heck I even sacrificed my schoolwork just to publish this post.

Well… the truth is, I have already downloaded the images around a month ago (or two?) but as usual I got pre-occupied by school works so it got delayed till today and I humbly apologize for that.

So that’s what I was about to say. This post is categorized in the “Downloads” section so there isn’t really much to write about. I’ll be leaving the download link below as well as the individual images themselves. The reason why the individual images are included in this post is because we’re already in the middle of the year and there are some anons who have bandwidth issues or simply do not want to download the other images.

I really do not give a shit about any of their reason so just save or download whichever version you prefer.

KanColle Calendar January 2016

KanColle Calendar February 2016

KanColle Calendar April 2016

KanColle Calendar May 2016

KanColle Calendar June 2016

KanColle Calendar July 2016

KanColle Calendar August 2016

KanColle Calendar September 2016

KanColle Calendar October 2016

KanColle Calendar November 2016

KanColle Calendar December 2016

| Download KanColle 2016 Calendar via OneDrive |

I reaaaaaaally need to have an icon for the download links :\ .

Anyway, based on the images above, it’s worth keeping for or even buying it although i’m not sure if it’s still even available online considering we’re already in the middle of the year.

So for now we start with that image with Akebono (May 2016) onwards. Looking forward to August doe ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

And December as well coz of Hoppou chan :3

Even bought her Nendoroid recently. For some reason, artists made hoppou’s fanarts adorable so I guess that’s what made me interested in her to the point that my wallet rest in pieces ToT.

Anyway, I can’t think of anything to write about and it’s already midnight. Considering I have to go to uni tomorrow and take tests, I should simply just end this post so I can fap vigorously have my power nap.

Yep, I call it a nap since I only sleep a few hours nowadays.

Due to this post being in the “Downloads” category, I won’t be including the “picture of the day” session. It may kill other readers’ bandwidth as well so I’ll be kind enough to have mercy on their poor souls.

Once again if an error appeared, feel free to leave a comment below or in the Downloads section.

So that’s about it, till then bibi ^^/


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