Another Valentine’s Day Post.


Some of the anons reading that title may have a vague thought. That thought would be, on the reason why I included the word “Another” on the title.

Well, I would like to answer that before I proceed on my main topic. The reason why I included that word is because I had a similar post that I wrote last year, exactly one year from now. At the time of this writing, I believe that post was also written around the same time as now. Ironic isn’t it? ^^;

So the reason I wrote this is supposed to celebrate Valentine’s day. It is a day mostly dedicated for couples. It is usually celebrated by going out on a date with their partners. The place they could go to varies. It could be having a dinner on a restaurant or drinking in a bar, or just walking around the mall… just trying to name a few.

Or in some cases (if not most), it could be a trip to a love hotel.

By now I guess you guys get the idea on how it usually goes eh?

Well, mine is a bit of a contrast I guess? xD

Umm…yeah so I did spent it differently. Going against the rules like a rebel.

Not like I chose to go against the rules.

Actually there was…err…a girl that I like from my work…
She’s in the same team as mine, but there is a reason why I haven’t asked her out. One of those reasons was because I didn’t know her that well. Plus, I only “like” her like some sort of a crush but not to the point where I want to be in a relationship with her. I think it’s because of the fact that I didn’t know her well…

Ugh, why the hell did I get off topic?? Hopefully no one I know reads that -_-
Not like i’ll delete it though…I don’t want my typing to go to waste xD

So going back on track ehem…

As I was saying, I spent my day differently. I didn’t went out at all, even with my friends considering that it’s a weekend. Not like I go out much anyway. But since I got nothing to do as of now, I’ll give some tips on how to spend valentine’s day alone 😀


    Watch Anime: Perhaps marathon one of your favourite romcoms. In my case that would be Golden Time however in my case i’m still watching it ^^;


    Collect Art: These are one of my favourite hobbies. I usually get them from Pixiv but other sites would do. Pixiv is my source when it comes to original art [which reminds me, I should be collecting the new ones from the Spotlight page right now] but when it comes to fanart, Pixiv would do as well but sites such as, Zerochan and Konachan gave better selection and hi res images.


    Play games : Online/Offline, PC/Console, any of these would do. Time pass by real quick. Personally I prefer online though. One can interact with virgins who got no dates and suffer along with them :3
    But if you play with MOBA, expect to meet some @$$holes who sounds so tough behind the keyboard.
    I’m not saying all are assholes though xD
    And with offline games, I suggest to read a Visual Novel. Dating a VN waifu would be a perfect way to spend the 14th eh?


    Read Manga : Go to a coffee shop, order a mocha frappuccino (or any drink of your choice) then sip while you read. That feeling was relaxing and I recommend doing that after work (but costly for me T^T). I recently brought a manga called GTO: Shonan 14 Days. The reason I bought it was so that I won’t be bored at work while waiting for a call at the evening. I plan on buying all of the volumes and I know it would be expensive but it would be worth . It’s a great to feel the paper on your finger and to flip a page in contrast on how I usually read my manga by either swiping or pressing the arrow button on the keyboard.

Oh well, I guess that’s how the 14th went for me. The Durex I bought is still useless (and the priced increased by 25% fml). It’s just an ordinary day, yet I enjoyed it. The reason for that is not because of love being in the air…
You see those numbers below the clock at the bottom right corner of the monitor? Kindly check that for me… It’s a weekend right? Simple as that.

Since this is a day for couples, we virgins don’t want to be left out right? Well good news…I had a sweet vanilla doujin I uploaded just now. Since I was writing at the same time, I thought I might as well include the download link right here.

Oh btw, the title of that doujin is “Again”. It’s about 2 people meeting in their reunion, and their relationship used to be a “sensei x student”…until that day. (Wtf’s with my description)

Just read it…I’m too lazy to type -_-
Oh and the Download link is the one below. Please keep in mind that the file below is NSFW so view it in your own discretion. (Not like anyone will care though xD)

|Download link for “Again” [NSFW]|

Again, credits go to the people who worked on it.

It seems like I got nothing more to include in this post, so I’ll end it with the usual “pic of the day” feature…


Yep indeed one of my best Miku wallpaper…
Especially that megane suiting her :3

Again, credit goes to the artist. Lately, I have been forgetting to get the links from sources due to laziness ><

Oh well, it's getting really late as of now. I still have to deal with a lot of bullshit tomorrow from a lot of idiots so I have to regain all my energy and as we all know, 2 days aren't enough to do that.

So till my next post..bibi^^


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