Returning back to my world.


At the time of writing this, I was amazed on how active I’m trying to be with this blog… Having one post just last month then this… I do admit that it’s not as active like as it was about a year ago but it’s better than my previous post sequence eh? (my choice of words are dying out for real)

Now for my main topic ehem…

It’s been 5 months since I moved out of the country I was into. Normally, my daily activities won’t be halted but unfortunately for me….


Reading Manga, Visual Novels, Watching anime, Blogging….

Indeed these activities are important to me. I could have continued like any normal day but why didn’t I? It’s because of the environment i’m in. Call me a picky bastard but I’m weak to changes. Weather, (The time when the air conditioner is opened here is limited unlike my room over there where it’s open 24/7) Annoying people and busy schedule, just trying to name a few here…

Oh well here I am to bring the good news. I will start to resume my daily activities soon!!

Err…maybe that wasn’t so accurate…

The truth is, I already started my activities. If I recall correctly, it was around a month ago…It’s just that I was a “bit” late when it comes to announcing it *teehee*

Oh well, there, it seems that I announced it. I just feel like writing about it since this is the first time that I halted one of my important activities for a long time…but now it’s all good 😀

Err… I don’t feel like making this post sounding like a diary, so I might as well insert that “pic of the day” feature…

Since the featured pic was from SAO, I decided I’ll pick one from my SAO library ^^;


Surprised that I featured Sinon instead? Well, I don’t focus only on the trap part when it comes to GGO…Maybe this will serve as a proof?

Jokes aside, that will make a good lockscreen for windows 8 btw 😀

Oh well, just thank me later. It’s already midnight as of now…or should I say dawn?

I guess I’ll have to hit the sack now. If I don’t, I may see sunrise and then it would be difficult for me to get my sleep :\

I’ll try to post something after this, but no promises 😀

The sky is becoming more Bluish as of now…I really need to hit the sack 😮

TIll my next post..bibi^^


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