Freedom!!! and some updates

Finally, yes indeed it happened!! My release from that prison like environment!!
The fact that I finished participating in the torturous event soothes my mind. Finally…the moment we’ve all been waiting for…SUMMER VACATION!!!
Finally I could use my free time to live my internet life instead of wasting time with those papers…

So first I want to apologize to all my readers for not posting even though it’s clear that summer vacation passed like 2 months ago already…I’ll explain why later. For now I’ll share what happened on our last day so I feel like I didn’t miss 2 months ok? xD

So let us recall what happened on my last day shall we?

When we finished, my classmates and i drove off somewhere since planned activities for us don’t exist (blame them). Eventually we decided to go to Lee’s (thankfully there’s a franchise here ^o^) but on the way, my friend almost hit some dude in a bicycle…My feelings at that time were mixed…I want to make my friend pull over and apologize but at the same time i find that situation hilarious!! (don’t get me wrong though i’m one of the nicest person you’ll ever meet :D)

The place was was affordable than the restaurant we usually go to, although the chicken teriyaki i ordered wasn’t as good with what i used to have but i’m satisfied…
We finally decided to split at a friend’s house since the owner of the car was needed in some business but I stayed to hang out with a friend in his house since that was our last day…Then went home 3 hours later to taste the freedom of the internet xD

…Well sorry for writing 2 paragraphs. It’s just that I don’t want to feel like I’m abandoning this blog ToT

The reason I wasn’t posting was mainly because I was Typesetting for a Scanlation group. At first i have to repeat many times but then I eventually got used to changing the fonts and memorizing how large should they be and all of those things.

Oh and the name of the scanlation group is SaintScans btw. Cy, if you’re reading this you could thank me later xD

Not that I have been abandoning my blog… I was actually visiting it every once in a while. I even changed the cover and updated one of my posts really!! 😀

Well to make up for it, I’ll post 2 post this month.(does that even make sense? o.O) One is a tutorial and the other one may be my recently made Google Chrome theme. Have to do some coding on that one as I don’t have net at that time.

Oh and I’m not that much of an expert on it so won’t be posting a tutorial. If I became one (hopefully) then I’ll make a tutorial xD

UPDATE: As of now I’m currently in Dubai and I got nothing to do but i heard everyone was excited about SAOII for the reason that there is a trap…

Well everyone likes traps so here’s the photo of the day…


Credits to the artist

So…I guess that’s it for today. Have to save battery of laptop too in case this may be used later…Cya bibi^^

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