It’s that time of the year again..Valentine’s day!!!


Finally i’m back. Today’s Friday and i’m really grateful that I could access the net at a time like this. Usually, I would not have access during Fridays since there would be a lot of traffic because of lazy faggots who got “nothing” to do -_-

Anyways today’s Valentine’s day so I decided I should resume blogging again. I haven’t been able to blog for a while, since I have been very busy due to school + work and when i’m free (which is at night), internet is really slow…so slow that i couldn’t even access google ><
Either way, I don't think I could blog even if I had access to the internet, because I couldn't think of anything to post^^;

Drifting away again,aren't we? Let's start..

Oh first, i have to give credits to the artist of the drawing above, since I used his/her art in my blog..If you’re reading this, (highly unlikely :P) I love your drawing^^

I started going to pixiv since people started posting pics related to valentine’s day all over the net. When I got to their homepage, I don’t see any pic relating to valentine’s day(which is kind of weird..maybe I’ll check out why), so I just dle’d the pic above (which is in their homepage) since I love itxD

Earlier, I saw some of my friend’s feed and they were talking about their dates with their partners. I could even see in the comment box that they were being lovey dovey to each otherxD

Meanwhile, what am I doing? Staying at home, studying (will do it after this blog) and watching anime. Why? simply because I’m already contented to what i’m doing. I don’t need to be in a relationship in order to be happy. Having a girlfriend could wait.

Even if I want to be in a relationship, I don’t think I could keep up. I still have more goals to reach. Being in a relationship may foil my plans so it’s best to stay away from them..for now..even if it means that I would have some lonely times but in the end, I may be glad that I choose this be single.

Wow..since when did i get this dramatic!? I haven’t been such an emo for years and now it’s coming back!!! Maybe it’s just because love is in the air. It makes me reminisce about those times…no i’m not gonna talk about “those” times. It’s crossing the line T_T

Since I got no date today, it would mean the durex that I bought (a long time ago) would be useless..don’t get me wrong here, I was planning to..err..make some balloons with it..reallyxD

Oh I almost’s been a month since I have been blogging in this site!! Since it’s like that, I have searched a little deeper for some valentine’s day related pics, so that I feel like i’m putting effort into my blogging. I then decided to go with the hyouka pic below..


As always, I would give credits to the artist. Since it’s their work, it’s only appropriate to give credits to them^^

Oh I forgot to mention..I love the description that he/she putxD

Well, I guess I got nothing to say for now..hopefully I will post again at the near future and not next depends on my brain whether it could think of a topicxD

Till then..


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