I assume everyone already knows this game so I won’t bother introducing it. If you don’t then I suggest you google it. Wikipedia and the website itself might help you get to know it, plus it might help you much better than my explanation^^

I just started playing around a week ago so i’m pretty much an amateur at this game. I knew “Osu!” years ago but I haven’t had a chance to play it since I was already playing a rhythm game at that time. It’s called “K-On! Houkago Live!!” (see video below) and it’s a PSP game..yes it could played on emulators though i haven’t tried it myself. Why would I need to play using emulator while I could play it on the go with my PSP?

Enough K-On Houkago Live and let’s get back to topic once again.

My average scores as of now are “A’s” for both easy and normal mode. There are also beatmaps where i had achieved a higher score in normal mode than in easy mode. Take this “Hataraku Maou-sama!” beatmap as an example. (Took this ss around a week ago..they’re both “A’s” now :3)


I could explain why I have a higher score in normal mode than in easy mode. In easy mode, the “approach circle” approaches the “hit circle” at a slower rate compare to normal mode, meaning I press the hit circle earlier so as a result, they give me fewer points TT_TT
It doesn’t mean that easy modes are useless. It could warm you up at times when you feel sleepy and it also prepares you for the future when you play on normal~insane modes. I don’t advice newbies to start playing normal or hard mode right away and besides i don’t think they could keep playing with these modes..If you don’t want to believe me,try it yourself^^

One can play “Osu!” online too!! Just register on the website, log in to your account using your “Osu!” client on pc and not the one you have on your phone/tablet (yes it is available on android and iOS) then you are good to go! Play with your friends or with some random people and one more thing. If you wanna play with someone online, both of you should have the same beatmap. It won;t be a problem if you don’t have the other person’s beatmap since it could be downloaded either from the site or from third party sites such as this.

As i mentioned above, “Osu!” is available on both android and iOS so just download it on their respective stores.
I don’t like how it looks though. the UI is too plain and the video/image doesn’t show unlike the “Osu!” client on pc. The good thing about it is that you could touch the screen so you could move at a faster rate if you compare your game with the ones in pc. The scores could also be higher than the one you have in your pc. Last but not the least, The spinner could be spun faster too which is my favorite feature^^

There are things that I don’t like when playing “Osu!” too. It’s not the game’s fault, it’s just that my laptop is so retarded that sometimes it lags…only at the beginning of the songs and when I just turned on the laptop thoughxD

Maybe i could give tips to make the game a little faster and therefore not interfere on your game?

1)Disable the video : yes there is an option such as this. Just hover the mouse below the screen and you’ll see this option. It turns on again when you go to another level and another song so just do it again.
2) Close your browser : yes all tabs including facebook and especially youtube and your pron. Anything could make the game lag. The chat that could pop out of nowhere..you name it.
3)Close anything that hogs the cpu and ram : This would be a last resort and would only apply to people that has reaaaaaally slow laptops/pc including me. I have some livetexts open sometimes since I study at the same time and things such as that could hog your cpu for instance. Monitoring your cpu and ram would help you to manage all those things running in the background.

So…liked my little tutorial?? Maybe I’ll make one someday..yeah..someday XD

Oh and i forgot to mention that there is a bug in one of the beatmaps that I downloaded which is pretty frustrating. I was supposed to get “S” rather than “A” or “B” ><

Forgive me if I sometimes go off track..let's continue shall we?
What happens is that 2 of the hit circles don't work when I click it. This happens only in easy mode (and hopefully it doesn't happen in the other beatmaps too) so meaning that I have to try normal mode when I was still practicing. I have to admit it's a good practice^^

Aaaaaaaand I hate it when I can’t connect to the server. Uh huh..my net’s so slow it couldn’t even log me in >< It's not so bad if you can't connect. It only submits your scores on their database and lets you play online. If you try the next day when the internet is faster, the game will submit your scores. One time, I jumped like 5 or 6 levels since I can't connect for days xD
I just feel sorry for the game when it desperately tries to connect to the server^^

Hmm..since I got some time left before I study maybe I should give some tips on how to enhance your performance and get better scores.

1)Turn off the video : It won’t only make your game “lag resistant”, but it would also help you to focus at your game. OP and ED’s of animes are often catchy and the cause is not only the melody, but also the visual. The video might include your waifu in an adorable swimsuit or whatever, so it’s better to disable the video before all the hit circles fall below your screen.
2)Get “S” or “A” ranks at easy mode before you move at the next level : If you keep playing at the mentioned level, then you’ll get used to the speed of the game. At this rate, the game would look slower to you and this will be the time to move at the next level where you wouldn’t get a score which is below the rank “B”
3)Listen to the songs in your spare time : When you’re used to the melody and the beat, you could time when will the approach circle approach the hit circle precisely and thus giving you a better score^^

These tips might be effective but there are times when you can’t really achieve a higher score due to some circumstances even though they’re pretty rare.


See that photo above? yep..Guilty Crown featuring Inori, which is one of my waifus :3
She’s not the only one I liked in GC but that’s not the problem..the problem is…THEy’RE ALL LOOKING GOOD IN SWIMSUITS!!
Here’s what you could only do..
1)click “esc” on your keyboard
2)press quit
3)press “esc” again. This will direct you at the main page
4)press “esc” again. This will prompt you to exit, and just simply click “yes”
5)open your browser (*skip this number up to 9 if you already have some collections hidden)
6)type f@kku.com. use the chrome extension, spdy proxy if it’s blocked on your countryXD
7)type “Guilty Crown” or “Guilty Crown *insert waifus name or any other chara here*” (“Guilty Crown Inori” for instance) or type the name of your desired chara on the search bar
8)select one of the doujins that you would love to read
9)click “download” or “read online”..your choice
10) let your right hand have an adventure :3 don’t leave some evidence unless you got some weird plans.

*Or if you already have a collection just as I said, then just dig around in your hard drive and read step 10^^

I guess I have posted all what I want to say so I guess this would be the end of my post.

Oh wait..did I just exposed my account? I don’t think anything bad would happen to it..hopefully.
If you want to add me then go ahead, if you wanna flame me then go ahead, though I guarantee that you would regret it^^

UPDATE: I’M A THIRD PLACER IN THE WHOLE COUNTRy ACCORDING TO THE RANK!! : check out this page and see for yourself^^ This only happened because not much people here are playing osu, nor they have the ability to play such games xD

Okay, enough editing..I really need to study diligently since exams are coming at the beginning of May. It’s the school’s fault that i’m panicking..they can’t even bring the books plus, there is a subject in math that we haven’t even studied and they said that no one is going to teach us ><

Well, complaining won't help so or now I'll hit the books xD

Till then..


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