wlcome uh

As you could probably tell, this is a new blog. What’s in it? Nothing out of the ordinary..really..
Blog description?? Hmm…it already says so at the top of the page so I guess there’s no need to ask.

Why “GachaGachaBOOM!!”? I was thinking of naming this blog as “oh..just anything random..really..” or something that involves the word “random”, then I thought of the android app called “Moe Can Change!” and what it says when I try one of the gacha…

When one plays gacha, the item he or she obtained could be anything random. As I was thinking this, it hit me. I should rename it “oh a gacha blog! (wut?)”, but then I thought of something better. That’s how I arrived to my conclusion that I should rename this as “GachaGachaBOOM!!” to make it sound better.

Why did i decide to create a blog? Actually, I was thinking whether I should create one, then i remembered I “accidentally” created a wordpress blog so I decided I might as well start on it 😀

Umm..i think we got off topic -_-

Well no reason. I’m currently attending English class, so I was hoping this experience would make my writing better (keep dreaming -_-), and also I just want a new hobby^^

Oh wait.. I USED to have one back in 2011. I tried to create a blog on tumblr and so far I only wrote, “How to be not sleepy in class” (for some reason), my class suspension (t’was really long xD) and about my first meme that was created by yours truly. It reached 500+ likes on one site iirc..

Either way, I guess i’m going to be posting here once in a while except if i am taking examinations or if I couldn’t think of anything to post. I just hope my wordpress doesn’t end up like my tumblr…all alone…though i kind of visit it sometimes 😀

brogu coba

Oh and let me talk about the’s been illustrated by one of my favourite artists, “coffee kizoku.” (not like i knew a lot anyway) It used to be a good looking picture as it looked above, but then wordpress said that it’s too big, by cropping it awfully.
Frustrated by the turn of events, (wow..talking like this is an english essay XD) I decided to crop it manually..turned out to be not so bad, but not as good as the picture above -_-


And about the background, I thought it is going to be transparent or translucent, so I decided to put this as my background picture. Looks like it wasn’t like that, but I decided to keep it for the time being. I DO feel kind of sorry for my poor yukihira^^

So i guess I said what I should have said so gonna end the post right now.
A reader’s reaction to the ending: T_T
My reaction?? just look at the picture below XD
Nah, i’m a good guy..just felt like posting that one XD btw, that’s one of my favourite pic and reaction of Kudryavka Noumi from the anime/VN, “Little Busters!“.


2 thoughts on “GachaGachaBOOM!!

  1. ur cover pic remind me of VNs from gungnir, which frequently use (probably) dat illustrator since da style is similar. i also luv da artwork 😉 btw u need to experiment few times to find da rite size so it wont get streched like in dat cover pic #suong

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